Quality and Comfort, an update

by Mary Beth Krapil In April of this year I wrote about Handi Quilter's quality control and the yards and yards of quilted fabric that is produced in our "sew-off" process; and the groups that use that fabric to create quilts for those in need of comfort. You can read that post here.   I [...]

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A Quilter’s Thanksgiving

by Mary Beth Krapil   Thanksgiving is the holiday we celebrate here in the USA on the third Thursday in November each year. It originated with our ancestors as a harvest celebration. It has morphed in modern times into a day that we are mindful of, and grateful for all of the things that make [...]

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Under the Western Sun

by Mary Beth Krapil   The current collection on display in the Handi Quilter Gallery is from the Studio Art Quilt Associates, curated by Barbara Beasley and Bev Haring. Studio Art Quilt Associates is an international organization dedicated to promoting the quilt as fine art. Membership is open to all, from beginner to professional and [...]

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It happens to the best of us!

By Mary Beth Krapil and Lynda Jackson   Lynda Jackson is our esteemed International Ambassador from the United Kingdom. Lynda wrote about an adventure with her Avante. Here's what she had to say: Here is a tale of taking your time and checking EVERYTHING! It always seems to happen when you are up to ears in [...]

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Hands of Korea, Korean Bojagi Exhibition

by Mary Beth Krapil   I want to share with you one more collection that was on exhibit at the European Patchwork Meeting in Ste Marie aux Mines, France, the "Hands of Korea", Korean Bojagi Exhibition. Korean Bojagi (Bo-Jah-ki) - traditional wrapping cloth - is a marriage  of utility and beauty. Historically, it is a [...]

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