Finishing Quilts – Don’t Wait!

by Mary Beth Krapil At Handi Quilter we are all about finishing quilts. We provide inspiration, education and equip you to finish more quilts. Personally, I'd like to urge you to get to it. Don't put it off. Make the time and enjoy the process. Don't think you don't have enough skill. Do what you [...]

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Ice Dyed Challenge Quilts

by Mary Beth Krapil A few weeks ago all of the Handi Quilter educators gathered at HQ's HQ (headquarters) in Salt Lake City, UT for fun, food, and (oh Yeah) a little bit of training. We are now ready and raring to go, to share Handi Quilter happiness worldwide. We were excited to see our [...]

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More Help with Your 2018 Resolution

by Mary Beth Krapil I've resolved to finish more quilts this year. Specifically UFO's. If you missed last week's post, you can read it here. In order to accomplish my resolution, I had to dig around in my studio and find where I had stashed some projects waiting to be finished. I found a drawer [...]

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A Little Help with your 2018 Resolution

by Mary Beth Krapil   We welcome the new year with anticipation and excitement. There's lots of great things in store for you from Handi Quilter in 2018. We hope you will join us. The new year is always thrilling with the thought of all the wonderful possibilities it brings. But then, someone mentions New [...]

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Happy Holidays!

In case you missed it, please enjoy this holiday greeting from all of us at Handi Quilter! We look forward to a great year serving the world's quilters in 2018. Happy Holidays!

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Spreading Joy

by Mary Beth Krapil   Handi Quilter has the honor and privilege to sponsor events that inspire and enrich quilters. In September, Quilt Alliance hosted their annual fund raiser, Quilters Take Manhattan. QTM is a weekend of lectures, museum tours, gallery tours, trunk shows, vendors, even a scavenger hunt. Quilt Alliance calls it their annual [...]

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Every Quilt Tells a Story

by Mary Beth Krapil I had just met our new neighbor. She seemed like a very nice lady. She had "heard" that I'm a quilter. She was right! But the word quilter means so many different things to so many different people. Most have a mental image of grandmotherly types sitting around a hand quilting [...]

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Getting to Know Birgit Schuller, HQ International Ambassador

by Mary Beth Krapil Birgit Schuller lives in Riegelsberg, Germany and quilts on an HQ Infinity with Pro-Stitcher. She began quilting on her domestic machine when her children were young, around 2001. Birgit has been operating a successful longarm quilting business since 2005. She is an award winning quilter for both her quilts and her [...]

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Quality and Comfort, an update

by Mary Beth Krapil In April of this year I wrote about Handi Quilter's quality control and the yards and yards of quilted fabric that is produced in our "sew-off" process; and the groups that use that fabric to create quilts for those in need of comfort. You can read that post here.   I [...]

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