Math or Art?

There is a whole bunch of math that goes into creating a quilt. Geometry too. Those are scary words to a lot of quilters. Some think MATH is a four-letter word. Others will go screaming from the room at the mention of the word. But it's the truth. Spaces are divided into smaller geometric patterns [...]

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How Does Your Garden Grow?

Spring has sprung. The grass is riz. I wonder where the flowers is? - Author Unknown The time of year has come when we get out into the garden. To rake, weed, dig, plant, mulch. But I know where the flowers is! on quilts!  Please enjoy these flowery quilts found at the MQX Quilt Festival [...]

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Quality and comfort

Handi Quilter is dedicated to ensuring the highest standards of quality in everything we do. In order to build the best quilting machines, we do lots of testing before the machine gets to you. One of those tests is called the “sew-off”. Each machine is sewn with a certain series of designs to [...]

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Where in the World is the HQ Truck?

The Handi Quilter truck travels the country bringing long arm quilting machines and other quilty goodies to shows and shops. You will recognize it by the picture of the fabulous Quilt Your Desire Inspiration Squad on the side. They are quilters just like you! They enjoy making quilts for lots of reasons. Fun, family, creative [...]

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The Faces of QuiltCon

By Mary Beth Krapil Another QuiltCon has come and gone. This year's show was held in the lovely, historic town of Savannah, GA. Gnarled twisted trees, some hundreds of years old; cobbled-stone streets and people who make hospitality an art form added to the city's charms. Inside the Savannah Civic Center [...]

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HQ + EQ = Contest

    The contest is now over. Thank you to the more than 700 people who left comments congratulating Electric Quilt on their 25th anniversary. The winner of the copy of Electric Quilt is Debbie St. Germain. We congratulate her and know she will love being able to design with Electric Quilt. Debbie has a [...]

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