Handi Quilter Ambassador – David Taylor

by Mary Beth Krapil Next up in our series on our HQ Ambassadors is David Taylor. Our Handi Quilter Ambassadors are specially selected quilters and educators who use our HQ brand and machines. They are amazing quilters and leaders in the art. David is no exception! David’s first quilt design was in 1999, a fundraiser quilt [...]

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A Little Something for your studio

by Mary Beth Krapil   After this month's HQ Live presentation, I thought you could use a little something for your studio. If you didn't get  a chance to see HQ Live yet you can watch it here. It is all about Threads, Needles and TENSION. Just the medicine you needed to cure your tension [...]

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Finishing Quilts – Labels

By Mary Beth Krapil EVERY quilt you make needs a label. A quilt is not finished without a label. You are the artist and an artist must sign their work. Your label preserves your quilts heritage. The future will thank you. Quilt labels are easy to make and there are many ways to do it. [...]

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Finishing Quilts

By Mary Beth Krapil Here at Handi Quilter, we are all about finishing quilts. The whole concept of longarm machines is to make it easier and faster to creatively sew the three layers of a quilt together. Hand quilting is beautiful! It's the way I started quilting. Let's be honest, I'd have to live to [...]

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If You Give a Quilter A Scrap

A charming story, or could it be true? By Shelly Coddington, Willow Spring, NC If you give a quilter a fabric scrap – she will take it to her stash to see if there is anything she can match it up with; There she will see a bolt out of place and decide to rearrange [...]

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Every Quilt Tells a Story

Quilters put so much more than fabric and thread into quilts. So much love, so many memories, so much of our lives are stitched into every quilt. Because of this, every quilt tells a story. It might be short and sweet, or it might reach all the way back in history.  Michele Vangraan is a [...]

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Using your Stash

  Do you have a stash? Wait, what? Of course you do! Really. You can admit it, you're among friends here. If you are a quilter, you have a stash. I mean, who can resist? The beautiful colors, they are our palette for creating. And the fibers: cotton, silk, polyester, metallic, Mylar! Wait, what? OH! [...]

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