Ebony Love

Ebony Love

Award-winning quilter Ebony Love is recognized as one of the leading experts in fabric die-cutting techniques, and she regularly produces free videos featuring tips and techniques for die cutting and quilting.

Author of The Big Little Book of Fabric Die Cutting Tips and the soon-to-be-released companion sketchbook Notes & Doodles, Ebony regularly shares her knowledge and advice via online forums and her own website. Her quilting and publishing company, LoveBug Studios, originally began as a custom quilt and handbag business. As she started learning more about quilting, she found more satisfaction in teaching others to quilt using her methods and techniques, and her growing line of publications are proving quite popular.

Originally born in Denver, Colorado, Ebony has lived all over the United States, moving for school and work, and now calls the Midwest home. Ebony earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from Columbia University and a Master of Science degree in Engineering from Purdue University. Die cutting and quilting turned out to be the perfect medium to exercise her love of engineering and math!

In her quilting, you will see Ebony’s fondness for blindingly bright prints, and her unabashed use of batiks and solids. She considers herself a traditional quilter who uses modern tools and color palettes to interpret her artistic voice, and of course, if it can’t be die cut, it isn’t getting made!

Ebony is the Editor in Chief of a digital magazine for fabric die-cutting enthusiasts, Blocks to Die For! Ebony is a recurring guest on Mary Fons’s show Quilty (available on QNNtv.com) and has had her quilts and quilting featured in several publications. She is also a very accomplished longarm quilter, and pens a regular column for Quilty Magazinecalled Love, your Longarmer.

She created and launched the EDeNTM System (Equivalent Die Notation System) which will enable anyone to convert patterns into die cutting instructions across all major cutting systems.

While Ebony no longer produces custom quilts for clients, she does still offer longarm quilting services and travels for lectures, shows, and workshops as time permits. In addition to quilting and running her business, Ebony works full time for a large food-manufacturing company.



Learn more about Ebony Love here.

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