Stephanie Palmer

Stephanie Palmer

Stephanie Palmer is a professional longarm quilter, a quilting blogger (Late Night Quilter) and a clinical psychologist. She loves free motion quilting and ruler work, and she often combines traditional and modern techniques to create unique contemporary designs. Stephanie uses an HQ Avante® with the HQ ProStitcher® in her home studio to enjoy the best of both worlds in her quilting; she combines beautiful HQ Pro-Stitcher designs with classic free-motion techniques. She also enjoys using her HQ Sweet Sixteen sitdown machine.

Known for her origami mini quilts, Stephanie’s quilt patterns have most recently appeared in Make Modern Magazine and Keepsake Quilting. Her quilting articles are published in Sew Mama Sew and Amy Butler’s Blossom Magazine. She is also the developer of The Quilter’s Planner, a printed weekly planner designed specifically for quilters.

You can connect with Stephanie on the following sites:
Instagram (@latenightquilter)
Facebook Page
Late Night Quilter’s Club Facebook Group

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