Suzanne Hyland

Suzanne Hyland

Suzanne Michelle Hyland is a fifth-generation quilter, who has been sewing and quilting since the age of eight. Machine quilting captured her attention in 1998. Since then, she has designed products and taught classes to help machine quilters capture the beauty of their quilts through fine quilting and finishing techniques.

In 2001, she developed Machingers quilting gloves, and started her company, Quilters Touch. Suzanne continues to develop products for machine quilters, has filmed many machine-quilting videos for Handi Quilter, and appeared on America Quilts Creatively. Her classes help quilters finish their quilts beautifully through interpretive design and freehand, free-motion techniques.

In 2015, Suzanne was named Machine Quilting Teacher of the year at the Home Machine Quilting Show (HMQS).

Suzanne Hyland Quilt 1Suzanne Hyland Quilt 2Suzanne Hyland at the Studio

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