Quilter’s Unlimited show in Chantilly, VA displayed some unusually embellished quilts

By Mary Beth Krapil

I had the privilege of attending the Quilter’s Unlimited Show in Chantilly, VA last week.  As I walked through the quilts, enjoying the wonderful creativity; this quilt caught my eye. It had an unusual embellishment that I had never seen used on a quilt before.

Jeffery by Susanne Jones



That is an actual knitted cap attached to the quilt! Very unique.







Shortly after that, I saw this quilt:

Duninhdi by Julie Taylor of Rockville, MD

It has silk flower elements and what appeared to me, as actual corn husks sewn to the quilt. My first thought was: “Now that’s a job for the HQ Glide foot!”. If you are not familiar with the Glide foot, this is what it looks like:

It’s a super cool, bowl shaped foot that easily glides around or over appliqué or dimensional embellishments on a quilt. It is also great for pantograph or Groovy Board work. It will not flip the basted edges if you stitch off the edge of the quilt and it will not get caught in an open seam; both important features when you are working from the back of the machine and don’t have eyes on the quilt. The same advantages work for Pro Stitcher users! I also love using it to stitch my plumb line across the batting and backing, no batting bunching up in front of the foot!

My interest was piqued and I continued to look for more embellished quilts. And I found plenty! I took lots of photos to share with you. Some had embellishments that we have all seen before. I loved the artistry in using usual things like buttons and beads to create illusions on the quilts.

Kindred Spirits by Martha Petry of Worthington, OH



Martha used lace, buttons and beads to create a distinct wintry feel to this quilt.








Hiltonhead Alligator by Dotty White of VA



I love the way Dotty used a shear fabric to create the illusion of an alligator half submerged in water.







More buttons, beads and lace on these quilts.

detail of Natives by Pam Hickenbotham of VA

Moon Dance by Catherine Etter of Powharan, VA

A Paisley Paradise by Polly Dombrowski of VA

The Peaceable Kingdom was a Fairytale by Joni Seidenstein of VA

Launching the Eagle – Appollo 11 by Sheilana Massey of Bokeelia, FL




Sheilana used hand dyed silk to create the plume of a launching rocket.






Flying Fish Bones by Linda Cooper of Burke, VA



Linda used paint and couched wire to create the diaphanous “wings” of the fish. The center of this quilt is free floating, almost like a mobile.






Dandelion Wishes by Kathy John of Rindge, NH



Kathy used Angelina fibers for her dandelions.






detail of B is for Bejeweled by Beth Richardson


This quilt really had some bling! Beth incorporated a metallic shiny fabric and tons of jewels.





Through Tattered Curtains by Christine Vinh




Christine included a silk grid woven with silk ribbons and a crane fashioned from metallic wire.






Laura placed embroidered patches on the astronaut’s space suit for a realistic look. There is also a really cool quilted eagle in the upper left.

To Infinity and Beyond by Laura Gilmartin of Stafford, VA

D is for Dominatrix by Kerry Britton

Leather, faux leather and grommets, not to mention the fish net stockings in this one by Kerry








Crescent Moon by Denise Giardullo of Stone Ridge, NY




Denise used some sort of eyelash fibers to effectively create the illusion of a soft grassy area at the bottom of the quilt.





Y Yo by Kath Heslep




Then there’s the yoyo’s. We can’t forget the yoyo’s! Kath used the pink ones to spell “Yo”.





What’s on your quilt?

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