The Faces of QuiltCon

By Mary Beth Krapil

Another QuiltCon has come and gone. This year’s show was held in the lovely, historic town of Savannah, GA. Gnarled twisted trees, some hundreds of years old; cobbled-stone streets and people who make hospitality an art form added to the city’s charms.

Inside the Savannah Civic Center the energy was palpable. As I walked through the show the fist quilt that caught my eye was this Lincoln by Kim Soper from Huntington, NY (@lelandavestudios). This awesome quilt won the well deserved Viewer’s Choice award.

Then I noticed this Moonie McMoonface by Melissa Averinos of West Barnstable, MA (@melissaaverinos). I was starting to notice a pattern so I looked for more faces. Sure enough, there were quite a few.

For the Watchers and Dreamers by Kristin Shields of Bend Oregon (@kristinshields)

My Cat is a Jerk by Monica Solorio-Snow of Astoria, OR (@happy_zombie) – This one made me laugh! My Dad used to describe hot summer days as “Smokin’ cats!” Well, there you go, Dad, they really do exist.

Mona Lisa by Devyn DeAgelis of Coral Springs, FL (@devbye) was more recognizable as a face from a distance.

Is this a face? Well, I guess it was at some point in time Permanence by Daniel Rouse of Oakland, CA (@dsrouse). Daniel was inspired by an antique quilt. The torn top of the quilt revealed a tattered quilt sandwiched inside, worn to the point it served best as batting.

Then there was this striking lack of face, Tea and Skittles by Thomas Knauer of Utica, NY (@thomasknauer).

What faces will we see at QuiltCon 2018?

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  1. Judi Miranda March 13, 2017 at 2:04 pm - Reply

    I’m a Long Islander than happened to be wintering in SC. As a quilter I was thrilled to know there was a show going on while I was south. So to Quiltcon l went. To my enjoyment, I noticed a quilt from someone from my hometown (Huntington, LI) .I was there on Sunday and head the announcement that the people’s choice was won by Kim Soper from Htuntington LI. Kudos to her for such a splendid job. I didn’t even know that there was a Modern guild on LI. I would certainly love to know more about the guild.

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